I decided to start baking treats in early 2013 after visiting my local pet supply store and finding many of the treats I thought were healthy were actually being shipped here from China, the meats containing hormones and antibiotics, and having undergone irradiation. I would not eat meat that had been subjected to these conditions, so why should my puppy? I decided this would be a great opportunity to combine the two things I love dearly, baking and dogs.

My goal is to provide quality, fresh, and chewy treats to your puppy pal. My treats are made from human grade ingredients and are free of wheat, corn, hormones, antibiotics, artificial colors, and preservatives.

Many of our pet parents have requested that we expand our line beyond making biscuits. We are currently working on expanding into pet toys and birthday treats. We will keep you all posted when we are ready to release new products. To stay in the know please “Like” our facebook page where we will post all of our new products and updates.


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